How To Pleasure Your Pregnant Partner

It’s important to make sure your pregnant partner feels fuckable and sexy, after all they’re carrying the gift of life and there’s nothing hotter. It’s easy to get lost in the doctors appointments, cravings, and hormonal shifts, but it’s important to always make sure they know they’re hot as shit and that you’re down to clown. 

In this exercise, we are going to walk you through some fun, sexy steps you can do to keep the spice alive amidst the trimesters.

Set The Mood 

Charge your vibrators, clean your dildos, and find the perfect playlist. Worship them through service, cook a delicious meal (or order their favorite food), and maybe buy them a special gift to mark the occasion. Of course, ambience is cool and important but nothing is hotter than letting someone know how much you desire them. 

Try giving your partner a bath, as bathing someone is both intimate and sexy. While bathing them, take a bar of soap and slowly wash every inch of their body while you dirty talk until they’re begging you to touch them.  A bath is the perfect foreplay if you want it to be.  

Massage Your Partner

Break out the massage oil and, while listening to their desires of course, give your partner a back, foot and leg massage. It never hurts to finger blast them as well, after all no massage could be complete without it. You can begin by massaging their feet, leg muscles, thighs, and if they desire it massage their clitoris (lightly at first, then follow their reactions and directions). Don’t be afraid to fingerfuck. You don’t need to worry about finger fucking, it won’t be a risk to the baby, and it’s just another way to intimately know your partner. Nothing hotter than having half of your hand in someone. Listen as always to their reactions, vocal and body. 

Get to Know Their Ass

While massaging don’t forget to give love to their ass. Of course, there may be some considerations but for most anal sex is a safe and hot way to reach climax. 

Of course, anal isn’t just penetrative. Assholes are for licking, fucking, sucking, and penetrating if you are into all of the above. Important to note that lube is a must for most people, and with assplay it’s important to work into it. I recommend licking, then finger fucking, and then if they’re wanting more penetrative play and you’ve warmed them up, go for it. 

You can begin by licking around their ass and cunt, doing circular motions around the asshole until you lick and suck the hole. After spending some time licking, sucking, and tongue-fucking their asshole, take some lube and massage their asshole with your fingers, this is again something that is completely safe to do so go off.

Mirror Sex 

It’s really hot to watch yourself have sex, fuck and be fucked. Witnessing each other when you’re so deeply in the moment is hot as hell. Try fucking in the spooning position (side by side), doggy style (one partner on all fours while the other one penetrates), or cowgirl (pregnant partner on top, which can be especially hot when looking in mirror at a side angle). Your partner witnessing themselves be sexually desirable and beautiful is important in maintaining sex and body confidence, after all their bodies are changing to give life! So be sure to show them exactly how hot they are. 

Move a mirror near your bed to experiment with fucking in various positions, watching each other get off. 

Give Them Pleasure and the Control 

Allow your pregnant partner to demand openly and freely, and for you to give. Practice devotion to their desires. This can especially be fun to try for partners who typically take on more dominant roles, allowing yourself to submit to your partner’s power is sexy. 

Become of use. Forms of devotional BDSM can be hot for pregnant pairs to explore. Give in as the possibilities come that appeal to you, decide on a safe word together (a word you can use to signal you’d like to stop the scene), and then allow them to direct what happens and even dominate you.

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Of course, it’s important to check in with your doctor about what works with you and your pregnancy before trying these, but for most people without complications sex can continue to be a healthy and natural part of your relationship throughout the pregnancy. So get the lube and massage oil and worship your pregnant partner! Pregnant sex is sexy, intimate and almost devotional within itself. Enjoy exploring the experience together.

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Erin Taylor is a writer, sex worker, and artist living in NYC. Her writing has been featured at Allure, Bitch, Autostraddle, and more. You can read more at