A Sensory Awakening Practice for Partners

This is a practice that invites you to focus your attention on sensations and will enhance your pleasure capacity.  It also brings creativity, playfulness, flirtation and the energies of giving and receiving into your exploration.  Towards the end of the practice you will also get to practice asking for you what you want.

You will want to gather objects to awaken all of the senses!  Here are some examples of objects but feel free to improvise with whatever you have around.  

  • Smell – essential oils, candles, incense, flowers, sprays, etc. 
  • Taste – exciting flavors of foods (berries, citrus, chocolate, salty nuts, kombucha, wine, lemon water, etc.) 
  • Sight – a mirror, soft lighting, a clear space that is visually pleasing
  • Touch – paints, edible items like chocolate sauce or whipped cream, soft fabrics, feathers, furs, ice, something prickly like a fork or fingernails, etc.
  • Sound – music, chimes, bells, your voice

Note that many of these items will fall into more than one category.  

If you are using paints or getting playful with foods, prepare the space with a sheet you don’t mind getting messy, or some art paper to create a lasting impression of your exploration or something you won’t have to clean up later!


How to set the scene…

Decide which partner will be receiving first and which partner will be giving.  Amplify the experience by blindfolding the receiver if desired.  This is a gentle practice but as always feel free to establish greater safety and trust by clarifying any boundaries or safe words in advance.

This is the receiver’s opportunity to practice receiving and being in surrender.  Stay present, curious and open.  Try not to judge sensations to be good or bad, but simply experience them as sensations.

This practice takes you all the way through one round.  Replay the practice in the reverse roles.  After practicing all the way through in each role, you might also explore this practice by both people giving and receiving simultaneously.

* Pro tip for the giver: have a few surprise objects in the mix to keep the receiver curious and surprised, or prepare everything in advance without them knowing.  You might also listen to this guide with ear buds to keep the receiver guessing what’s coming next.

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Usha Rose, founder of the Erotic Embodiment Institute, is a Sacred Sexuality and Conscious Relationship Coach.  She teaches online group programs and offers private coaching for women who want to connect more intimately to their pleasure, desire and sexuality so that they can live a more confidently embodied, empowered and fully expressed life of joy and freedom.