Your Pleasure Horoscope for 2021 Leo Season

Libra gets to be Libra and Scorpio’s going to need knee pads. Buckle up for the star-quality New Moon in Leo!

Leo season is upon us, and with it comes an invitation to lean into the lion’s warmth, passion, and pride. This month brings an Aquarius Full Moon, Venus in Virgo, and a New Moon in Leo.


Aquarius Full Moon

The July 23 Full Moon will encourage us all to embrace eccentricities in true Aquarian fashion. Experimentation will be rewarded without judgment. It’s a perfect time to be daring, and weird, in the bedroom. Community oriented Aquarius isn’t mad at the hot-girl-summer orgy you’ve been thinking about, either.


Venus in Virgo

Venus enters Virgo on July 21. In combination with Leo’s generosity, Virgo’s methodical approach to life brings ample opportunity to really hear your lovers’ needs and desires—and embrace them enthusiastically.


New Moon in Leo

Although New Moons can represent fresh starts, this one offers a chance to embrace progress you’ve already made. Expect existing pleasures to amplify. Lean into your kinks in the darkness of the lion’s den. Your Leo-season confidence is bound to make for some toe-curling moments.


Horoscopes by Sign


Often bored by the details, learn to luxuriate in them this month. Practice transforming foreplay into coreplay. Do: Post-oral kisses to enjoy your taste on their lips.


Harness Leo’s extroverted boldness to get yourself out of the house. Trade couch time for bar room makeouts this month. An up-for-anything attitude will reward you this month. Do: Don a blindfold and give yourself over to the unpredictable.


Your outgoing, talkative vibes pair perfectly with Leo’s pride. Flaunt your best assets this month and make sure to snap a thirst trap while you’re at it. Do: Skin-tight, ass-clinging sundresses and consequent bathroom quickies.


Incredibly sensitive and creatively inclined, you’ve been told your emotions can be too much. This month, reject that. Tap into your vulnerability for sex that is deep and core-rocking. Do: Ask for hair-braiding, eye gazing, deep cuddle aftercare.


Finally! This month is all about you, Leo, and no one’s trying to deny it. After the cake and champagne, remain the center of attention with good, old-fashioned exhibitionism. Do: Window fucking, skirt around your hips, above the city lights. 


Leo’s playfulness can help you escape your dungeon of overthinking and take yourself a little less seriously. Do: Belly laughs during missionary and ass cheek palm prints.


Embrace your natural inclination toward indecision. This month, whet that appetite by doing a comprehensive sexual sampling of everything you’ve been dying to try. Do: Thigh grinding to orgasm and quick position changes for maximum pleasure edging.


You’re naturally sexual, Scorpio, but don’t get too cocky about your skills. This Leo season, practice gracious giving. Do: Doe-eyed, on-your-knees oral while you play with yourself, too.


You have a gift for making others feel comfortable in conversation, but you can be squirrely about sharing your vulnerabilities. This month, speak your deepest desires and expect to be met with generosity. Do: Breathless audio sexting that lets them know exactly how you like it.


When it comes to orgasm, dial back your undaunting obsession with achievement in favor of Leo’s self-assured, laid-back vibe. In letting go, you may achieve greater heights than you’re used to. Do: lean back and let the juices run, messy and unfettered.


You pride yourself on your independence, Aquarius, but generous Leo asks you to remember your partners and consider how they like to be adored. Do: Lean into the tender humanity of a long, hard fuck.


Leo’s is warm and loving where you’re naturally empathetic. It’s a good time to direct all that energy toward yourself. No one else’s needs can be fully met until you address your own. Do: Mid-day masturbation sessions with all your devices on Do Not Disturb.



Meet the author...

Meet the author...

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