How To Develop Resilient Sexual Boundaries

This is a 20 minute active meditation to develop awareness and resilience with your boundaries. In this practice, you will clarify the three layers of your boundaries in order to courageously fill your space with your energy. With the strength of your own energy, you will then cleanse out energetic binds and blocks that no longer serve you.

We will work with your 3 spaces of boundary and 3 power centers —

3 Spaces of Boundary:

1st space – Inside your body (permeable)

2nd space – Where your skin touches the space outside your body. (semi-permeable)

3rd space – The space beyond your body at arms length, spherically around. (Permeable)

Your 3 power centers:

Thinking – Head

Feeling – Heart

Will – Sex

Each of these spaces and power centers have different qualities and ways of expressing. By creating time to be with these different parts of yourself, it enhances your quality of wholeness, alignment, and ultimately having a more integral relationship with yourself, others and life.

How To Develop Resilient Sexual Boundaries

by Elana Meta

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Elana Meta’s work at the intersection of ecology, the body, and sexuality has largely been inspired by making the elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) practical tools for elevating body intelligence with planetary awareness. Her work has impacted thousands worldwide teaching at festivals and conferences such as Wanderlust, Lightning in a Bottle, Summit Series, Esalen and more. Her dance methodology, META Method, brings us back to our primal essence and supports us in more authentic human connection, leading to novel ways of learning together. 

She is CEO and founder of Wild Vessel, a community forward education platform for Nature-Centered Human Development. The spirit of Wild Vessel is to create a culture of belonging that enhances life for all through the cultivation of inner security, skill development, creativity, and playfulness, all grounded in concrete practice that develops the relationship one has with life and its intelligences. 

This New York Ashkenazi Jew currently lives in Driftwood Texas, nurturing her companies, working with private clients, and growing side-by-side with her beloved amongst the trees.