Your Pleasure Horoscope for 2021 Gemini Season

Everyone is feeling extra gushy, Cancer is eating cake, and Pisces might get caught. Plus, eclipses to set your clocks by. 

Gemini Season and Eclipses   Gemini season is mischievous, insightful, and buzzing with fun energy. Communication and curiosity are two sides of the same coin.  Be prepared to outwit and be outwitted. This Gemini season also brings with it a powerful lunar and solar eclipse duo. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 26th demands you lean into your shadows, this time is ripe for taboo pleasure play. On June 10th comes a New Moon Solar Eclipse which commands us to get present and be open to unforeseen futures for ourselves. Are there parts of your sexuality you’ve never allowed yourself to explore? Those may await.   

Mercury Retrograde   Mercury goes retrograde on May 29th. You can expect unexpected road blocks; as in short circuiting toys. But you can also prepare; as in back up batteries. Approach mercury retrograde with space for error and attention to detail and you’ll be a-ok.   

Venus in Cancer   On June 2nd Venus enters Cancer and it is double the lovely. Prepare for sweet, gooey romantic feelings—toward everyone; your dog, your netflix account, the chef at your favorite restaurant—and lots of pretty feelings. Prepare to feel yourself. This is a time for empathizing, connecting, and having juicy, mind blowing erotic sessions of self pleasure or partner play. It’s a watermelon popsicle on a balmy summer night.   

Mars in Leo   On June 11th Mars enters Leo. Yum. Fun! The energy is dominant, is sexy, is all about going for what you want. It combines deliciously with Venus in Cancer. Let your hair down, be charming, be regal, be very vavavoom and go get what you’re after. In case we don’t say it enough: this is a great time to cam. it. up.   

Gemini Season by Sign Check Sun + Venus.  


Expect your flames of passion and pursuit to flare up in the electric Gemini breeze. Independence and spontaneity feed your fire, go ahead and meet a cute new crush for a FWB situationship or book a one on one session with a sex coach to get inspired. Do: ice play to cool it down.  



It’s time to get moving! Languid Taurus season is over and Gemini begs you to come out and play. Trade aromatherapy nights in for daytime romps in a flower meadow. With your undies down around your ankles, the sweet Gemini breeze hits just right. Do: homemade strawberry lavender popsicles.   



It’s your season! Ruler of the flirtship, you came to make friends, and sometimes friends with benefits. Surround yourself with people who tell you how hot you are. Your banter skills are next level, consider channeling them into some rowdy sexting with an established love, a new crush, or your own erotica journal. Do: open your notes app and get writing.  



Sweet, sensitive Cancer, you are a master of light touch, firm licks, and deep empathy. Celebrate your holy vessel this month with plenty of curiosity for sacred you. When Venus enters Cancer this month, expect everyone’s inner lover to be on your level. Do: extra whipped cream on your strawberry shortcake.   



Sparky, witty Gemini season lights an entertainer’s fire under your cute tail. Dress up in your sexiest skivvies and command an audience: irl, on a screen, or in your mind. Long live your inner diva. Do: body glitter and champagne.   



You may be down to earth but your wits are way up there on a Gemini level. This month, you’re all about the intrigue. How about an isolated, erotic picnic for one? Invest in some vintage erotica, put on a dress, and leave your undies at home. Do: gaze into the horizon as you climax.  



Libra in Gemini season is fun squared. Gemini is direct, Libra is diplomatic; but they both love to lock in for a deep talk session. Phone sex, or really wordy sex, is well starred for you this month. Do: bring your erotic dictionary.  



Gemini lures you out of your murky depths. Don’t worry, you’ll get back next month. Put on plenty of sunscreen and play out one of your nerdiest fantasies just for fun. Do: clever for clever.  



Expect great fun in your sister-sign’s season. Watch out for verbosity over authenticity. This month, go camping—nudist style—and say yes to meaningful storytelling around the fire. Do: role play with a purpose.  



Oh, yes, Capricorn, it’s time to loosen up. Don’t take things so seriously. Allow yourself to be guided by the twinkle in your eye. This month, gaze into the cosmos with your hand between your thighs. Do: star maps and porn apps.  



Star-eyed dreamers were made for Gemini season. This is a time for sharing big ideas. Open up your voicenotes app and craft an erotica story for the ages. Consider sharing your gems— after you add some authentic moan sounds. Do: invent whole universes.   



It’s a good vibe. Pisces (artist energy) and Gemini (writer energy) play well together. This month is the Parisian salon of your expat dreams. Take inspiration from the erotic works of Anais Nin or the sensual dancing of Josephine Baker. Make art with a capital A and have orgasms with a capital O. Do: site specific climax in which you almost get caught.

Meet the author...

Meet the author...

Lily Kardon is a beauty editor and content strategist. Her first loves, however, are writing and all things esoteric. You can find her at @lilykcontent