Your Pleasure Horoscope for 2021 Cancer Season

Cancer season is here for lingering glances and juicy, tender sex acts till the cows come home. This month is influenced by a lovely Capricorn Full Moon, Venus in Leo, and a deliciously emo New Moon. The whole vibe is posi AF, and everyone’s getting a piece of the action.

Capricorn Full Moon

This Capricorn Full Moon on June 24th is marked by a number of easy flowing transits. The Sun and Venus are both in sensual, watery Cancer. The Moon and Pluto are in ambitious, earthy Capricorn. Jupiter and Neptune are both in artistic, dreamy Pisces. The sky is lit up with oppositions, trines, and sextiles between all these energies. It’s a recipe for potential and growth. 

Go ahead, get out, and get some! The balance of sweet, water energy with no-nonsense earth makes for dynamic sexual encounters. Think equal parts connection and pursuit. Deep listening paired with bold action. This is a time to make big leaps in the bedroom, whether solo or partnered. The stars are encouraging you to have a wide open heart and get yours.

Venus in Leo

Venus enters warm, charismatic Leo on June 27th and that means generosity and exhibitionism are in the air. The combination of Sun-in-Cancer sensitivity and Venus-in-Leo love-diva energy is the stuff of starry-eyed lovers—deeply feeling themselves. Dress yourself up in whatever makes you feel the most royal and rule with a soft, loving tongue. Extra points for dripping, juicy climaxes.

New Moon in Cancer

This New Moon is gushing with sweet sentimentality. The Sun and Moon form a trine to Neptune and Jupiter in empathetic Pisces. Take extra care on this day and enjoy the cosmic butterfly feelings of these sweet planetary aspects. The New Moon is always well starred for new beginnings. This month, douse yourself in rosewater, slip on some silk, and take advantage of the dark sky to make some toe curling, stargazing, breath gasping erotic time for yourself. 

Horoscopes by Sign


Your direct, fiery tone is well tempered by soothing Cancer. Take the Cancerian note and practice deep listening. This month, investments of attention pay off double in your loverships. Do: Fire nymph taking a cool, orgasmic dip in moonlit waters.


If anyone’s as sensual as Cancer, Taurus, it’s you. You love routine, Cancer knows how to meet needs. Use this month to establish sensorial habits to meet your own needs between the sheets. Watch that care ripple out into your life. Do: Pluck the ripe fruit and macerate it between your thighs. 


You’re quick to chatter and sometimes get caught up in buzz over substance. However, you’re incredibly quick witted. Turn that intelligence toward sensual listening and going slow will pay off more than you ever expected. Do: Sext till there’s too much juice to leave the house. 


It’s your month, baby! For heaven’s sake meet your own needs this go ‘round. The world around you is more compassionate and listening-oriented than usual. Take advantage and tell your lovers exactly how to fuck you. Do: Be the pillow princess you were born to be.


You invented human connection. This month, you feel extra compelled to shine warmth on your beloveds. Choose authenticity over validation from others. Validate the fuck out of yourself the whole damn time. There’s plenty to go around. Do: Thirst traps and service topping.


Cerebral Virgo, practice listening from your heart instead of your mind. Your natural inclination towards systems and repetition make you a skilled learner, leaning into your own needs may reveal you to be a skilled teacher as well. Do: Write out erotic roadmaps to your own pleasuregasms as masturbation foreplay.


Diplomatic Libra, you may feel extra accommodating this month but heed the stars and don’t do it! Your lovers can’t know what you really want if you bite your tongue to spare their feelings. Be brave and trust that your truth matters. Do: Try on bratty bottom do-it-my-way playfulness.


Elusive, sexual, depth dwelling Scorpio, this month invites you to twinkle beneath the stars and float atop the glowing watery surfaces. You can reside in your natural intuitive flow while stepping out into the sparkling night. Do: Tender fucking, windows open, self-directed I love yous.


Adventurous, excitable Sagittarius, Cancer is master of asking for accountability, if not embodying it themselves. Find the place where these two energies coexist and ease will flow for you. Do: Ballsy sexacapades with significant, juicy aftercare.


This month you’re well balanced with emotionally intelligent Cancer. You know how to be a grownup but erotic realms demand a level of abandon. Whether you lean sub or dom, try balancing kink with caring and the orgasms will be next level. Do: Ice packs and deep, wet kisses on their bruised ass cheeks.


Eccentricity is the spark that lights your engine. Bring curiosity into the warm, whimsical nights to find a deeper pleasure than you’re used to. Rather than escape into the cosmos, bring your lover along with steady eye contact while you fuck. The heights are majestic. Do: Naked listening, nipple flicking, pleasure delay.


Sensitivity is your natural state. This month, focus on the shadow work of boundaries. If you can assert a clear no and yes in the bedroom, it will come easier elsewhere. Do: Roleplay firm, erotic boundaries with your lover till they’re begging.



Meet the author...

Meet the author...

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